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Crimp multi-strand bracelet

Before you crimp a multi-strand bracelet, you must make sure that each strand is untwisted before it is attached. First lay all the strands out and make sure the beads are the same length. Proceed as follows for each strand:

  1. Crimp the first end of the strand.
  2. Lay the strand out after it is attached to the clasp to allow it to untwist.
  3. Clip the remaining wire to 1″.
  4. Crimp the second end to the clasp making sure to crimp in the same direction as the first crimp.

When these steps are followed for each strand, the result is a multi-strand bracelet that lays flat and does not twist.

Questions? Please feel free to comment below!

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Using Swarovski Crystals for Birthstones

Swarovski beads are a beautiful option for creating birthstone jewelry. There is no other brand that comes anywhere near their sparkle and brilliance. They are lead crystal which means that they can’t be used for children’s jewelry, but frankly, the level of lead is so minute that it would be a non-issue if it were not a law.

This listing of Swarovski crystals to use for birthstones is current as of this publication date. Swarovski occasionally discontinues a color and replaces it with something different. If you are set on using a particular color, you can usually find it on eBay. I have been getting 1 particular shape/color that was discontinued several years ago with no significant markup. There are a few exceptions to the rule and I will list them below.

Here are my Swarovski color choices for birthstones:
January – Garnet; Siam
February – Amethyst
March – Auquamarine
April – Crystal
May – Emerald
June – Light Amethyst, Tanzanite, Pearl
July – Ruby, Siam
August – Peridot
September – Sapphire
October – Light Rose, Rose, White Opal
November – Topaz, Light Topaz
December – Blue Zircon, Indicolite

Just a note, many of the crystal colors come in AB, AB 2x or AB 3x. AB stands for aurora borealis. It is a special coating that makes them iridescent and change colors depending on the direction from which you view them.  It is more expensive, but it can really add dimension.

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Pantone Colors for Spring 2013

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Pantone is the is the world-renowned authority on color. They have released their Spring 2013 color palette and I think you are going to love it. I do! These are the colors you will be seeing on fashion runways, in catalogs and on jewelry displays. Why not make your designs in a complementary color palette?

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Beaded Royalty is NOT Closing!!

Yes, it is true – you have been seeing whisperings on the website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+…well you get the picture.  LOL

Before Christmas, I announced that 2012 would be our last year in business. After the announcement we had an outpouring of loyal customers disappointed in the prospect of us closing our doors. Not long after the announcement, I was approached by someone who wanted to start a business similar to Beaded Royalty. Would I give her some pointers? Well, I would do much better than that! She has taken over the reins and will provide the same beautiful designs and quality workmanship you have come to love at Beaded Royalty.

Why am I leaving such a great company? I found myself with my fingers in too many pies.  I taught myself website design and blogging as part of developing Beaded Royalty and no matter how much I love interacting with my customers on a daily basis when forced to choose, I love website design and blogging more.

I will be warrantying work completed prior to February 2013, so if you have a problem with something you purchased during my tenure, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Stay tuned for the new owner’s introduction!

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Successful Jewelry Booth

This year, I undertook something entirely new for me.  I decided to setup a jewelry booth and participate in my son’s school bazaar.  I had participated in bazaars before but never really gave much thought to it, took samples for people to look at thinking they would order custom and walked away with no sales.

This year I decided to go all out.  The cost was astronomical compared to the amount of sales I made.

  • The booth space was $100.
  • It was $200 to make my booth beautiful (table cloths, accent scarves, jewelry displays, banner, etc).
  • In order to actually be able to have things available for purchase, I had to spend about $700 on beads and supplies to make the things that people could easily pick up and purchase. The good news is that all of these things will sell over time…
  • I spent 30 hours making the items that people could purchase (earrings, bracelets, etc).
  • All of those things had to be tagged with prices and sizes.

The moral of the story is that if you don’t intend to display your products in a jewelry booth on a regular basis, it probably isn’t worth the time and expense. If you do intend to sell in a jewelry booth regularly, read on for tips and tricks.

Tip 1:
Buy Rena Klingenberg’s ebook Ultimate Guide to Your Profitable Jewelry Booth.  It is only $39 and well worth the money.  She goes over absolutely everything you need to know about selling in a jewelry booth.  It will save you from making all the common mistakes your first time.

Tip 2:
Buy polyester tablecloths that go to the floor.  They look SO much more professional.  I saw a ton of people who just had a regular table cloth or used plastic (ick!). I only paid ~$27 for the 2 tablecloths at CV Linens and they are great quality that will last forever. I was tempted to rent them from a party supply company, but it was literally the same price to rent for a day as it was to buy them outright!

Tip 3:
If you sell custom jewelry, have a digital photo frame that is rotating your product samples in a prominent place with your business cards nearby. I was just about to buy one when I learned my iPad could be used as a frame. : )

Tip 4:
Offer cheap items that people can quickly grab and buy.  Many people aren’t looking for fine jewelry at a jewelry booth. If someone is going to drop $150 on a bracelet, they want time to look at it, research it, etc.  It is generally not an impulse buy. The exception is, of course, the juried show where where everything is high quality and expensive.  I wish I had done up a few cheap kids bracelets.  The profit margin would have been high and they would have sold.

Tip #5:
Buy a professional banner.  Mine was only $31 and I designed it myself in photoshop.  I wouldn’t recommend doing it yourself if you don’t have the skills already, but it saved me  from paying a graphic artist.  It made all the difference in how professional my booth looked…

Tip #6:
Take your kiddo. : )  Joshua went with me and “helped” all day.  He was thrilled to be there.

In all, I call it a wash, but think twice before making the plunge.  I hope my experiences help you – it you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below.



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